​​October 2018 GreenlandLab welcomes 2 new MChem students: Welcome to Connall O'Donavan and Samir Gupta working on responsive micelles and drug conjugates for the next 6 months. 

October 2018 GreenlandLab welcomes 3 new PhD students: Welcome to Lydia Pearce, Hugo Emerit and Mary Wong funded by the University of Sussex and an EU INTERREG grant.

June 2018 New paper:Long Chen's final paper with the group (5th in total!) is accepted in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. He synthesised a novel class of completely conjugated viologen-containing macrocyclic receptor molecule using the chemistry he developed throughout his PhD (see the publications pages for more of his work). Well done Long and also Tahkur and Kate from the group who contributed significantly to the work. 

April 2018 New paper: In collaboration ​Olga Efremova, Jean-Sebastien Bouillard and Ali Adawi from Hull, our latest paper concerning the synthesis and properties of conjugated oligomeric viologens comes out in Synthetic Metals. We show that the conductivity of the materials increases significantly with degree of oligomerisation, and that the longest oligomer is photoconductive across a broad range of the visible spectrum. Well done Long Chen and Tahkur Babra!

March 2018 New paper: In a long term project led by Howard Colquhoun, we report the observation of fractal information within copolymer sequences. The mathematics underlying this so called 4th Cantor Set were originally described in the 1870s and then turned up in the 1H NMR spectrum of a supramolecular complex 140 years later! The paper, in Chemical Science (cover image below) provides another small step towards storing, then retrieving information from the structure of polymers.​

​Recent GreenlandLab News

Feb 2019 Mechanochem in the GreenlandLab: Lovely videos from Hugo and Mary showing colour changing supramolecular mechanochemistry in the lab today.

October 2018 Invited talk: BWG talks at the AMI conference on self healing materials in London, where he discusses the great work on rebondable adhesives by Sara and Tahkur from the group. 

August 2018: Macrocycle work highlighted in SynFacts: Our recent work on conjugated macrocycles has been highlighted by Tim Swager in the journal SynFacts. Well done to Long Chen and Kate Lim who sorted out the synthesis. 

July 2018 GreenlandLab Dr 2: Tahkur Babra becomes the 2nd Dr from the GreenlandLab - Well done Tahkur! His First paper on responsive adhesives can be found here.

Dec 2018 Chrimbo meal: Lydia, Hugo, Mary and BWG enjoying post meal drinks after a great term setting up a new lab and starting exciting projects at Sussex

February 2018 New paper: In a project led by Wayne Hayes, wepublish investigations on the self assembly of aromatic and aliphatic bis-ureas. This paper will help the future design of responsive hydrogen bonded polymeric systems. Well done Kelly Melia from the Hayes group! 

December 2017 New paper: In our new paper in Crystal Growth and Design we present the crystal structure of the pi-pi stacking interactions that underpinned the healing material work. This crystal structure confirms the formation of the tweezer/tweezer complex we  predicted in my first paper as a post doc back in 2008!


​December 2017 PhD advert: We currently have a fully funded PhD place available to start in September 2018 working on supramolecular systems containing oligoviogens (for papers see: herehere and here). Informal enquiries can be made to BWG by email.


December 2017 New paper:​ Tahkur Babra's first paper with the group comes out in Polymer Chemistry. He has developed a new class of adhesive that reversibly glues multiple substrates together, and also completely breaks down to a non-adhesive material on contact with fluoride ions. The paper can be found here - Well Done Tahkur!


September 2017 New paper: Our paper reporting the unique packing of radical cationic viologen macrocycles comes out in Supramolecular Chemistry. The paper can be seen here.


​September 2017 New group member: After an extremely successful year completing an MSc in responsive nano-composite adhesives, Sara Salimi joins the group working towards a PhD designing and making composites for 3D printing.


​​​September 2017 Group Moves: BWG moves to the Univerisity of Sussex.


April 2017 New paper: Long Chen's third paper with the group about the synthesis and properties of rod-like oligo viologens is accepted in Tet Lett. Well done Long!


April 2017 Goodbye to Kate: Kate Lim moves on after a great year working with AWE making new phosphazene-based materials. Our group's earlier work in this area can be found here. Good luck Kate!

March 2017 New Book Chapter: We publish a large chapter in the new RSC book 'Naphthalene Diimide and its Congeners: From Molecules to Materialsedited byDan Pantos. Well done Dr Lewis Hart from the Hayes group who put in the bulk of the effort putting it together.


Jan 2017 - 1st GreenlandLab PhD: Congratulations to Dr Long Chen who successfully defended his thesis on the 12th Jan. He becomes the first Dr from the Greenland group. His first paper on the synthesis of conjugated viologen species can be found here, and his paper with the Shaver group concerning the functionalisation of polymers using cross metathesis  can be found here.

Jan 2019 trip to Caen: Hugo, Mary and BWG join fellow INTERREGers in Caen to present their work and start new collaborations

​​​​The Greenland lab is a multidisciplinary research group based in the chemistry department at the University of Sussex. We focus on the synthesis of materials that can respond to their environment. Ongoing projects include supramolecular systems, healable polymers, nano composites, debond-on-demand adhesives, polymers for drug delivery and hydrogels. For more information about our research please see our publications. 

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